Friday, May 28, 2010

FiNaL bLoGg╝

          Since I started blogging I have wrote 31 blogs.I think that is actually quite a lot of blogs, well to me it is anyways. I'm not really on the computer to often unless I really have to be. I'm always outside taking care of my horses or playing outside, so there really isn't much time for me to be on the computer to write a lot of blogs.22 of my blogs are school related or my interests. In a way though all of them are school related because I wouldn't have written any of these blogs if I didn't have to.I have received a total of eight comments!! ha so many I know huh! I'm not really sure why I got comments on my blog I just did I guess.I really have no idea why people commented on that one blog. It was regarding my English class and it didn't really deal with anything so yeah.I enjoyed writing about my horses the most because they are mine and I spend most of the time with them. It would be kind of weird if  I didn't have horses. Ive been around horses my whole life no lie! I didn't officially start to ride though until I was about three or so.I changed my theme once because I just wanted something different. But, yet I guess it depends on what you mean by theme. If theme you mean back round then I have changed it once, or by theme like all my blogs relate some how, then no my blog doesn't have a theme at all. Probably wont ever have a theme then either (just saying). I think I have about 10 widgets or so its not really a lot I think anyways. To  some people it may be though if they have none or something.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

teens && cell phones

                Its crazy to think how many people have a cell phone these days. Click HERE to see how insane some of the numbers are for cell phone usage. For and example one of the numbers is that 25% of teens 12-17 surprisingly don't have phones. That's a bigger number then you probably thought huh. I think though that sometimes they do go to far with their cell phone capabilities. Like giving their numbers out online for everybody to see so big giant creepers can stalk them and what not. Then sending messages and pictures to people who more the likely aren't who they really say they are. For an example 15% of teens have received a nude or almost nude picture of somebody they know. 4% of teens have sent a nude or almost nude picture. 17% who pay for their own phone send sexually suggestive message while 3% that don't pay for their phone or pay for some of it have done the same thing. That's not really a good thing to do because you could have total trust in that person at the time; but once something goes wrong they could ruin your reputation by sending them to family and or friends, even worse post them on the web on a social network like myspace or facebook. Another shocking thing is that 1 in 3 teens have texted while behind the wheel and 1 in 2 have talked on the phone. I don't think any body no matter what age or what their job is or how famous they are or anything should be texting or talking on the phone while driving. Although I'm sure that everybody has done that for, it should come to an end of putting other peoples life at danger. There are to many people dieing because of that. If a call or message is that important to you then you should pull over to the side of the road or into some parking lot to take it not while you are still driving. Its crazy to the amount of messages a person can send in a day. 11% of teens send over 200 a day and 33% send over 100 a day while 54% text daily.  Its pretty obvious that 72% of teens are text messengers. 
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Friday, April 23, 2010

5 awesome bloggers i like this blog because the peguine in it is so cute!! there blog is very well organized as well. i like this blog because it is way WAY different from all the other ones mostly because it was crazy designed pens on it i like the back round on this blog it is neatly organized to i like it

Thursday, April 8, 2010


We are reading this book animal farms. Its where animals take over their owners farm and try to become independent and do things on their own.

Creative stuff

I dont think my blog should get a creative commons licenes. Im like never really on here unless I have to for like school or something. I got different things to do then always being on the computer so yeah.

Monday, March 22, 2010

lights out!!

We could play a game outside while the lights are out. Like softball for example everybody in my faimly plays softball so we could like get fresh air and family time outside. We could also have like a mini basketball game with other people from our neighborhood to involve others as well. A bonfire or cook out would be something we could do as well .